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Know Before You Vote

Answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the March 14th special election…

Q:   When is the election?
Early voting starts on Monday March 6th, polls open Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm
Special Election Day is Tuesday, March 14th, polls open 7:30am – 7:30pm

Q:  Where do we vote?
All early voting will be at the Crittenden County Courthouse.
Regular polling places will be open on Election Day at the County Courthouse, Marion Church of God, and Immanuel Baptist Church.

Q:   If the referendum on March 14th passes, will my taxes go up?
No. The referendum would allow for the reissuance of bonds already included in Marion’s sales tax schedule, so it would basically extend what is being paid now, but for a longer period.

Q:   What happens if one or more of the items on the referendum do(es) not pass?
The amount listed for each item in the referendum would be removed from the total amount of the bond issue. The net effect is that the bonds would be paid off earlier the smaller the total amount.

Q:   What are the proposed budgets for each of the 7 project categories making up the referendum, and what specifically will they be used for?
1)    $12,185,000* in maximum principal amount for street improvements;
2)    $1,075,000* in maximum principal amount for parks and recreational improvements;
3)    $2,385,000* in maximum principal amount for Fire Department improvements;
4)    $635,000* in maximum principal amount for Police Department improvements:
5)    $220,000* in maximum principal amount for Library improvements;
6)    $395,000* in maximum principal amount for sewer improvements;
7)    $875,000* in maximum principal amount for water improvements.
* Exact pricing is subject to interest rates at time of issuance.

Q:   Why are these coming to the forefront now?
1)    Rare timing opportunity for needs & overlapping funding solutions to appear simultaneously;
2)    State preparing for imminent Military Rd. project and opportunity for City to influence;
3)    Federal dollars unfrozen for overpass;

Q:   What is the benefit of refinancing the bond?
City leaders believe that
1)    Benefits to community property values, safety, and quality of life outweigh the benefit of negligible sales tax reduction;
2)    These improvements will stimulate greater economic growth, which lessens the load on the individual taxpayer.

Q:   If this referendum passes, will it impact Marion property taxes?
No, there is no relation to property taxes.



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